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Laura Ferguson-Sylvestre  recommends Jeff UPton for Thunder Bay.

I have had the opportunity to work along side Jeff on a few occasions. I find him an incredibly positive and knowledgeable individual and whole heartily support him.

Sue Williams recommends Jeff UPton for Thunder Bay.

Jeff demonstrates leadership, commitment, dedication and involvement in the community. This is who I want to be representing me at a the city council table.

Scott  recommends Jeff UPton for Thunder Bay.

I appreciate all the work that Jeff has done for our community. He is always ready to collaborate and lend a hand in order to solve problems and assist others.

Savannah Upton  recommends Jeff UPton for Thunder Bay
(no relation to candidate)

I was pleasantly surprised to learn about his involvement within the community. Has spent many years working towards helping our city and has a grasp on the issues Thunder Bay is facing. I think bringing his perspective to the table will only better our city.

Catherine Forbes  recommends Jeff UPton for Thunder Bay.

Good for you, Jeff! You are really having an impact by speaking to the citizens of our city

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