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Tennis Court
Misty Forest Reflection
Ice Hockey Game
Many Dancers in Black
Cleats on Soccer Ball
Golf club and ball
Performing Trumpetist
Women Fishing



A focus upon environment; parks; roads; recreation, arts and healthy lifestyles.

I support addressing the needs of the citizens of Thunder Bay by fiscally addressing the environmental and wellness needs of the community through appropriate action and collaborations.


 Long-term Thinking

I commit to enacting long-term and forward-thinking changes to put Thunder Bay on the path to sustainability –

financially, socially and environmentally.

 The Big Picture

I commit to the development and support of a visionary road-map for the City of Thunder Bay that makes Thunder Bay a city of opportunity for everyone.

Innovation and Creativity

I commit to exploring innovative and creative opportunities to address environmental and wellness needs so as to enrich the lives of the citizens of Thunder Bay.

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