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Creating a Livable Community for all by addressing the social determinants of health - poverty, housing, education, health and employment.

Community Safety matters.

I support helping the citizens of Thunder Bay by addressing the social determinants of health through community action and collaborations.


This can be accomplished by supporting the work being done by:

  • Crime Prevention Council

  • Drug Strategy Committee

  • respect. Initiative  

  • White Ribbon Campaign stopping violence against women

  • Everyone Matters Day addressing bullying in our community &

  • Collaborative community work based upon the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Actions and the Seven Youth Inquest Recommendations. 

Diversity and Respect

I commit to continuing the work of building a culture of respect and diversity and directing the necessary resources to ensure that no one is subject to racism, discrimination or abuse in our community.

Great Neighbourhoods

I commit to reforming city by-laws and policies to build sustainable neighbourhoods based on mixed-use, mixed-income areas that allow people to live, work and play in a walkable space.

Safe Streets

I commit to proactively engaging community groups, city agencies and social organizations to develop long term strategies to battle homelessness, addiction, mental illness and crime based on principles of harm reduction.

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